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About Us

For the last 20 years, Goldie Dicks of Southern Interiors, has been crafting luxurious soft goods for the home, including bedding ensembles and window treatments. and is now excited to share her passion with others who want to do the same.

At Southern Interiors Academy, Goldie teaches beginners–and professionals looking to hone their skills–all aspects of interior design, from soft good fabrication to interior staging. Teaching others how to unlock their own talents brings Goldie's love of creative collaboration to its fullest expression: "We do it step by step. I love watching students build confidence and witnessing that moment when they see they can do it themselves," she says. Her fresh approach combines expert instruction, teamwork and lasting tools that uncover each student's design personality.

About Goldie

Goldie Dicks was born in Sumter, SC, to a family that loved to sew. Each week, Goldie's mom sent her daughters to the fabric store for material, and Goldie learned young how to make beautiful dresses. She left Sumter when she was 18 to attend Spellman College as a biology major, but before long her love of performance, literature and art lured her to the theater instead. Goldie spent her initial post-college years as a highly sought dressmaker for individual clients.

When asked to help a colleague whose interior designer had fallen ill, Goldie discovered that she could combine her training in theatrical art direction with her sewing expertise for stunning results. The ability to create dramatic new aspects of color, proportion and atmosphere for clients' homes was a thrill and Southern Interiors was born.